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Dan + Kayleigh | Niagara Botanical Gardens Engagement Session

Dan + Kayleigh were so kind and were absolutely a pleasure to photograph. It was a warm day at the Botanical Gardens along the Niagara Parkway, but we persevered and the results are below. Really looking foward to doing their wedding in Parry Sound this fall. It's going to be beautiful!

Flickr - DanKayleigh-001

Flickr - DanKayleigh-005

Flickr - DanKayleigh-014

Flickr - DanKayleigh-015

Flickr - DanKayleigh-016

Flickr - DanKayleigh-017

Flickr - DanKayleigh-018

Flickr - DanKayleigh-019

Flickr - DanKayleigh-022

Flickr - DanKayleigh-024

Flickr - DanKayleigh-027

Flickr - DanKayleigh-031

Flickr - DanKayleigh-034

Flickr - DanKayleigh-042

Flickr - DanKayleigh-043

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