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Wedding Survey

If you made it to this page, that means you've reached out to me because you're interested in having me photograph your wedding day. First of all, let me just say, THANK YOU! I really appreciate even being considered to be part of such a major moment of your life. The fact that you contacted me means you saw something in my photos that sparked a feeling- joy, romance, whatever it may be. That's my goal, to capture memories with a full sense of the emotion that was felt in that moment.

Anyways, down to business. Below is a survey that will help me gain some insight in what your wedding is going to be like and what I can expect. It also helps me get to know you guys a little more. The details you include below are not shared and are not set in stone in case things change. Just for me to get a sense. So please answer as many fields as you can and click the submit button.



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